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Hinton Construction Company, Inc. proudly offers expert design-build contracting services to clients throughout the United States. This construction project delivery method has been gaining popularity over the past few decades for flexibility, adaptability, earlier occupancy, and other advantages. With Hinton Construction as your design-build contractor, clients enjoy faster project delivery, fewer delays, quicker return on investment, and more, all while enjoying our signature commitment to outstanding quality, service, and integrity.

“Hinton Construction is a team player with a wealth of knowledge and experience in student housing and multi-family construction. I was ultimately impressed with their ability to perform at such a high level within the confines of a university campus with students and faculty living, working, and learning every day. I strongly recommend this firm.”

- Ron Matthews – President/CEO, Ron Matthews Construction Management

“Hinton Construction Company, Inc. built a large student housing project on the campus of Grambling State university. They finished the project well ahead of schedule and within budget while maintaining high quality standards. I was very pleased with the performance of Hinton Construction Company on our campus and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.”

- Ray Dudley – Director of Facilities Management, Grambling State University

“Hinton Construction Company was very skilled in coordinating all team members to meet the needs of our University. I was very pleased with their performance and would recommend their services to anyone.”

- Dr. Ernie Troy Hughes – Vice President, Southern University System

“We have been impressed with their commitment, positive attitude, and professionalism throughout the construction process. Hinton has been successful in cultivating a team atmosphere that promotes synergy and success. I would not hesitate to recommend their services on future projects.”

- Brock J. Vinton – President/CEO, The Commonwealth Group, LLC

“Hinton Construction Company’s expertise, positive attitude, and commitment to quality were major factors in making this project a success. Hinton Construction’s performance and professionalism exceeded my expectations throughout the construction process, and I recommend their services to anyone.”

- Lisa Luquette Landry – Director of Housing, University of Louisiana Lafayette

“Hinton Construction created a team atmosphere that helped everyone involved quickly resolve issues that arose during construction. It was a pleasure working with a company that has the commitment, integrity, and skill to finish a project on time and within budget while still maintaining quality.”

- Bill Crist – Director of Facility Management, University of Louisiana Lafayette

Advantages: Design-Build

Design-build construction has grown in popularity recently because it offers a variety of advantages over traditional design-bid-build project delivery, especially with certain types of building projects. With design-build, construction begins before all project designs are finalized, which means that the project’s architects and engineers can respond immediately to problems that arise in the field, reducing costly delays.

Another advantage to overlapping the design and construction phases of a project is a shortened overall schedule and faster delivery and occupancy. This is especially advantageous for clients building multi-family residences, as it allows the client to begin filling their buildings with tenants sooner, leading to faster return on investment. With all of these advantages, it’s clear to see why design-build is the project delivery method of choice for many of our clients.

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